A Week of Wonderful Experiences

This Sunday was one of the most crucial turning points in my transformation as a Latter Day Saint in my life…

This past week we were working with an investigator Family of three, The Lucero Family, and we received the impression to teach the Law of the Fast.  We invited them to fast with us during the week to receive an answer to a personal question in regards to a wayward son.  We also invited them to fast in regards to their baptismal date which is set for the 9th of July.  They accepted our invitation and we went on our way.  Now, after we had left the appointment my companion told me that we wouldn’t be able to fast with them and that I did the invitation wrong and blah blah etc.  Anyways, my companion decided not fast, but I felt that I should, so i did.    On the following appointment, we asked them how their fast went and the wife said that it went well and she told us that it would be better if her husband told us.  That kind of scared me.

When her husband returned from the store, we asked him how it went. He began to tell us his experience and my heart filled with joy and the Spirit of the Lord.  He told us that he felt something that he had never felt before. We explained to him that it was the Spirit of the Lord. He continued to relate to us that they had gone to bed pretty late that night but then at around three o’clock in the the morning he woke up and sat up in his bed.  He told us that he felt an amazing peace, and then he heard a voice tell him that everything would be alright.

Now there I was, all amazed at the experience that this humble man had experienced. I felt impressed to testify that he had surely received an answer to his prayers, that God had seen his works and that they were good, and that he was on the right path. They currently have attended church twice and are preparing for baptism!

Second wonderful experience this week.

A sister missionary had finished her mission elsewhere and returned this past Sunday to the Branch where I am currently assigned.  Her and all of her family got up to share a few words in regards to their experience.

Now as the Father of the Family, who is not a member, got up to testify of his experience of having a missionary daughter, he began to explain that when the Mission President returned their daughter to the family, he told them that she was the best missionary in her mission.  Tears filled my eyes as I told myself…I want that.  The Spirit of the Lord testified to me of the veracity of this work, and that it was not to be taken lightly.

Finally the time came for the returned missionary herself to get up on stage and share her testimony.  She began to testify about the difficulty of the mission, that it was the hardest thing that she had ever done, and that she had days where she wanted to go home.  She then began to testify of her dedication to the work, and how she had worked every day to the fullest of her ability and was able to see miracles in the lives of the people she taught.  Once again my heart filled with joy and and I asked my Heavenly Father above why did he let such an unprepared, unknowledgeable sinner such as I participate in something so marvelous as the work of salvation.  The simple answer came to my head saying, “Max, because I love my children so dearly”.  Again tears filled my eyes and I offered a prayer of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for letting someone such as I be a representative of Him.

I am a representative of Jesus Christ.  I wear his name on my chest every day.  I do not do anything to bring shame to his name.  Although one day they will surely remove my tag, I will forever be a representative of Jesus Christ as a Latter Day Saint in this the last dispensation, and in the preparation for his coming I consecrate myself as His servant for time and all eternity.

Everyday here I learn more and more of my eternal purpose, and Im seeing his hand in this work day by day.   

“And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father”

Love Elder Flora

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