First Letter from Provo MTC

Hey Mom,

The first day here was probably the longest day of my life. I actually am in a trio with Elder Crow and Elder Wurtzbacher. Theyre pretty cool. Nothing to complain about I guess. The food is a little better than at BYU but is still not that great. Sometimes it makes my stomach hurt. Thanks for bringing my bag back by the way.

I dont think that I have ever prayed this much in my life.  I’ve also never studied this much in my life, so I guess this will be good for me.  I pray for you guys every night.  Please dont worry about me.  I am doing fine and I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing.

If you could do me a favor and have Jake post my missionary email on Instagram and or Facebook because I LOVE getting mail.  It’s only the first time but I still enjoy it.

Anyways, back to the first day. I walked into my classroom and my teacher only speaks spanish and is a returned missionary from Argentina. She speaks English but apparently im in the intermediate class but I’ll still be here for six weeks. So I got there early and so I was by myself in the classroom with Hermana Brotherson and I could actually understand her pretty well.  She said that I am very smart and understand Spanish well.  Speaking comes with a little more difficulty.  I know that el don de lenguas (the gift of tongues) is a real thing.  I’ve already learned how to give a basic testimony of the gospel and know how to pray en Espanol.

So, in general things are going great here, its just a lot of work and is very tiring.  Otherwise I’m doing great. Great to talk to you, love you mom.

Elder Flora

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