New Area & Glasses!


This week has been interesting but good as always.

Im getting transferred to an area called Nogales, which is border territory right under Arizona. Supposedly its a rough part of town but i’m sure its nothing to worry about.  Its supposed to get ridiculously hot this week in Hermosillo, but where i’m going, it only gets up to 85 or less.   The downside is that its all hills and mountains.  I should have some pretty ripped legs after though. I got the suit and it fits me really well. I like the pants and they fit well too.   They feel really light weight. The ties are awesome too!  I love jakes comment in the card…”These ties are sick!”  and nothing else. I loved the poster from Kayla and Sadie.

Oh hey….I got new glasses this week.  I have a pic.  Let me know what you think?  (only in Mexico!)


I have been told this guy below is my Mexican Twin.  Maybe its the glasses?


Tell Max Astle congratulations on his mission call.  I hope Max realizes that his call is meant for him!   Anyways things are really good here.  I am ready for the new change of scenery. Love you guys!

Elder Flora

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