Nogales, Mexico

Hey everybody!

This week has been fantastic!  We had transfers last week and I was moved to a city called Nogales, which is known for its wonderful hills that are EVERYWHERE. My legs are already starting to get in good shape and Ive lost weight since I got here this week.  When I get back none of y’all are going to recognize me, I promise. The apartment we live in is pretty nice but there is no hot water so we have to heat it with resistors (I think they’re called in english?).  We came here on a bus and it took 4 hours from Hermosillo.  Im about 8 hours away from home here in Nogales.  There are a decent amount of Americans here. Its not that scary here but there are drug cartel everywhere.   No one really messes with me here because I’m bigger than just about everyone here…haha.   My new companion is Elder Carrasco who is latino.  He likes to work hard.  Two days ago Hermosillo broke the world record for hottest city again…127 degrees.  Glad I’m not there anymore!

The area here is really cool here in Nogales and there is a decent amount of work to do.  This week I touched American soil!  Thats right, my area contains the border right under Arizona and the other day I stuck my hand through the border. You would be amazed that such an insignificant thing separates one of the richest countries in the world from a suffering nation. Its very humbling.  For those of you who don’t know, right now the US Dollar is worth 17.20 Pesos here in Mexico. They work lots of ours, and get payed very little. Basically everyone lives with their family and pitches in money to be able to afford the commodities that we enjoy in the United States.

We have a few investigators that are progressing pretty well but the family that we are working with that looks the most promising is the Family Lucero. Mom, Dad, and son. The exciting news is that their oldest son and niece have just started to take an interest in the lessons. We’re very excited to see what happens.

Ill try to get some pictures next week of my area for you all, but for now thats all there is folks! More news to come!

Elder Flora

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