Obedience is NOT a burden

Hello Everyone!

So this week has been another great week but also a little difficult. We have been working with an investigator whose name is Maria. She’s really awesome and has a really strong testimony and was very prepared for her baptism this past Saturday. The only thing she had to take care of was her boyfriend, who is a member, was having money problems and he came to live with her for a little while. The plan was that he would move out before her baptismal date (because she cant be living unmarried with a man) and everything would be ready and set to go.  After having talked with the Bishop, they have decided to get married and then Maria will be baptized  after.

Now this is all fantastic news because one day they will be sealed for time and all eternity in the House of the Lord, but this news didn’t seem that exciting to me at the moment. I must mention that I asked to stay an extra transfer here in this area where I have now been for 6 months, to have been able to stay and baptize her.  Having said that, I would now like to talk about how my personal views and pride blocked my view of the will of the Father.

As human beings we have the innate disposition to be selfish. So many times in life we let our own desires block our sight of whats really important. I often find myself committing this same error in my daily life as a missionary.  As we allow the cares of the world to take over us, we place a shield over us and make it more difficult to receive the essential promptings of the Holy Ghost. We become prideful and ever so slightly we begin to turn ourselves away from Christ.

I would like to share a recent experience that I had this past Sunday. In the Priesthood meeting the topic was discussed of tithing and fast offerings. The brethren began to talk about how if they wanted to enjoy the cool air conditioning in the chapel and other benefits of the church… that they had to pay their tithing and fast offerings.  A silent whisper came to my mind and said, “Do they really think HE needs their money?” I paused and thought for a moment, and then realized what the Law of the Fast is for, and really what every other commandment is for. The commandments if nothing else are to be for our benefit.  Are we really that prideful to think that we are the driving force behind the Church?  Do we think that things would just come to a halt if we didn’t pay our tithing?  The Lord is in every way the head of this Church.  In his infinite love and mercy he ALLOWS us to pay tithing, fast offerings, serve others, and do all the other things that we do in the church.

When we realize the abundance of blessings that lie waiting for us, that is the moment when obedience will cease to be a burden. That is when we will obey the commandments for the love of God and expect nothing in return. That is when we will become the sons and daughters of God that we were preordained to be.

This life is so beautiful and wonderful and the fulness of the Gospel awaits us. Go out and get it. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do, and above all choose to be happy.

I love you all

Elder Flora

PS…Oh exciting news this week… I ate a taco with cow intestine and it was SO good. I was kind of scared at first but then it turned out to be really good.

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