Week 1 – The MTC

Hey everybody!  Things have been awesome and hectic here at the CCM (MTC).  The first two days feel like a week and the first two days feel like two days.  The time is already flying by!  I hope that you can say the same!  We have a very strict and rigorous schedule here.   6:30 am we wake up and get ready for breakfast at 7:10, 7:45-12:10 is classroom instruction.  Then we have lunch and gym back to back from 12:10 until 2:15 where we have 3-4 hours of personal, comp, and language study- then comes dinner and the 3 more hours of studying.  Then we call it a day at 930 and its lights out at 1030.  Today is P-day so we get to do an endowment session at the temple today so that will be fun.

The food here has been questionable at best.  Most of the guys say that they love it but i strongly disagree. I’ll live though.  The language is coming surely but slowly.  I can speak a lot better than I thought I could, and what I mean by that is that the gift of tongues is REAL! Its awesome.  I can pray, testify, and carry out a lesson fairly well. We have been teaching non-stop since we’ve been here.  It’s a lot of fun though.  Not a word of our classroom instruction has been in english so far so that has been interesting.  I can understand almost perfectly if people speak slower than a normal hispanic would.

I am in a trio with two other elders.  Elder Crow who was the Valedictorian at his school with a 5.0.  So, i feel pretty good when I prove him wrong, which is rarely.  My other companion is named Elder Wurtzbacher and he pretty cool.  I don’t like being in a trio because it’s like a group of people is following you at all times. That’s probably what I am struggling with most is that theres is no alone time and people have started to get on my nerves.Anyways, I’m doing great and having a blast.

Elder Flora

One thought on “Week 1 – The MTC

  1. Go Max Go!!

    We’re proud of you and can’t wait to follow you on your journey!
    Atta boy!
    We send a big Davisson hug!!!

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