Week 10 We have too much stuff (?)

Hey everybody! Still doing great here in Mexico! Christmas and New Years was fun. We didnt really do much as missionaries but we got to have christmas dinner with members and skype our families which was fun and difficult at the same time. Last week we had a man contact us in the street and his wife and him are investigating the church now. We placed a baptismal date with another investigator and are working with his wife and kids. We have plenty of people to teach this week! Woo! Its about time! I think i finally had my first bug here in Mexico becuase i was sick to my stomach for about 5 days! Not fun, let me tell you! I had diarhea for like five days straight last week and im sure i lost some weight. My clothes are already starting to get trashed here from all the dirt and walking. Anyways, es todo! Im good now! My companion and I are getting along great, but he messed up his ankle today playing soccer.
FYI… I dont know if i want to leave the country again for awhile. Im very blessed to live in the US. I know that now. Oh and we need a smaller house and less cars when i get back because we have too much stuff. Anyways Im still doing good and already have over two months of the mission down so wooo!

Elder Flora

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