Week 11 Flora Smash

Hey everybody! things are going great here in Mexico still! Im pretty sure that im forgetting how to read and write English and maybe you can see that in my letters, pero todo bien! This week has been really good.   Me and my companion have seen lots of cool stuff. This week we really learned that there  really are people prepared for this gospel. We were walking in the street and a man was walking tpwards us and as he got closer he said ¨¨you know that were in the last days right¨¨ we chuckled and replied that yes we knew that.  We shared a quick message with him and we set an appointment to teach him this coming week. Oh also here in our ward we have records of around 700 members but we only have about 80-100 in attendance each week.   We are going to work a ton with the members this week. reactivation work is so important. The worth of souls of so great in the sight of the Lord. So much that we cannot comprehend. Its just like the shepherd that leaves his 99 to look for the one. Our lives and our world is filled with so much love and we take it for granted everyday. One thing that i have learned being here working with parents that have wayward kids or theyre on the brink of divorce with there spouse… they look me in the eyes and plead, ¨¨ Elder, why is this happening to me, why would the savior let me suffer like this? I had no answer for them. Later that week my companion showed me a talk by Jeffrey R Holland, i dont remember what its called but an apostle of the Lord tells us, ´´ Many of your missionaries are going to come to you with the question of why this work is so difficult ? The answer is because salvation was never an easy experience! It was never easy for him, why should it be any different for us? ”  We are all going to have challenges in this life, its inevitable. what we do with these challenges is where the rubber meets the road. Keep striving with an eye single to the glory of God and the heavens will pour its blessings upon you, I know it. 

Wow! so much is happening wthtout me at home!   3 weddings?!   You will be shocked to know i learned how to sew.   I am  learning so much about how to be a good missionary and just learning different aspects of life. Missions are so great. Ive also been working out everyday and  everyone here calls me Hulk or they say FLORA SMASH.  Its hilarious!  Lots of good things are happening to me personally, physically & spiritually

Love you all!

Elder Flora

Ps…Dad i want you to know how grateful i am to have a father that has set the highest example and the highest bar for me. I know that sometimes maybe you thought your lectures were in vain, but I can promise you that they weren’t. Love you

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