Week 12 Rough Week!

Hey everybody

Things are still going great here in Mexico.  We have another investigator named Israel who is 56 and has some sort of illness with his intestines or something. He has a promising desire to learn and have us teach him but we are trying to find a member that can bring him to church weekly more or less. This week has been interesting and I have learned a hard lesson. This week was really rough for me and my companion. We’ve been exhausted.  His ankle is sprained and it seemed like we had a million reasons to not work much, including permission from the mission president. Perhaps we took a little bit of advantage of the opportunity and slacked off. One day this week my companion showed me a talk by Jeffrey R Holland called missionary work and the atonement. Wow, such power. I learned that a mission should be difficult, at times you should suffer, at times you should want to break down and give up. Even the most perfect man to walk the face of the earth, the only begotten son pleaded to the Father, “If there be a way please let this cup pass from me”.   Its no wonder that when us mere mortals utilize the cleansing powers of the atonement that maybe, just maybe we might have to walk a little on the path that he walked. It just might be possible that we will suffer ever so slightly when we strive for exaltation. WHAT DID WE THINK?? That this life was going to be easy? That we would stroll through this life without a knick of sorrow, grief, or pain. How could we ever think that it would be easy for us when it was NEVER EASY FOR HIM. SALVATION NEVER WAS A CHEAP EXPERIENCE. And if we ever think that we’re the only ones who have felt this way or that we are so alone or so abandoned, so was he! On that sacred and Holy night in Gethsemane, every one of the three chief apostles slept ever so peacefully and the savior asks them  “Couldn’t ye have stayed with me for but one hour?”  I beg you to never feel that your alone or that no one else has walked this path before, because its a lie. Forgive me if my passion for the Atonement makes you uncomfortable, but i feel ever so strongly about it.


I hope everyone at home is doing great.  I miss you all.  I love what I am doing here and I am learning ALOT.  The church is true!


Elder Flora

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