Week 13 Love for Learning & Teaching English

Hey everybody!

Still alive and well here in Mexico. This week has been a little tough, but we are starting to see the fruits of our labors. We have found another family to teach and a family that was starting to not progress, has started to look promising again.  This week we walked to the edge of the Mission boundaries to find people.  We found a man named Ramiro outside his house.  After talking with him for awhile we found out that he is a returned missionary of about five years, but is inactive. He is married, his wife is not a member and we don’t know yet if he has kids. He was one of the friendliest people I have ever met. He gave us giant ice cold bottles of water, and really wanted to talk with us. We´re really excited to teach him and his family. 

Something that I have realized here on my mission is that THIS is what I asked for. I wanted to see miracles and I wanted to change lives, which I really believe is what Im doing, but I never thought it would be this hard.  The weird thing is, sometimes it feels like the harder I work,  the harder things get. One miracle that I’ve seen this week in my own life is that I randomly had this crazy desire to learn and study. I know, believe me, I was surprised too. I learned how to solve a Rubix Cube, memorized all the lessons, and have dove into the scriptures like crazy. Its weird but really fun. Also my Spanish was already pretty good but has skyrocketed this past week. Everyone here asks me if I spoke Spanish before the mission, and I always smile and say no.   This week in our ward council meeting, we were brainstorming ideas to reactivate and find new people to teach and we came up with the idea that I should teach English classes! How crazy!  My companion told me that he has manuals to help me but otherwise Im on my own! (He doesn’t speak ANY English)  Im sure it’ll be difficult but awesome as well. Sometimes I doubt if I can speak english well enough to teach it. Its almost uncomfortable to speak english now.  Not sure when that will start but Im really excited. All of these things seemed really weird and strange to me but I’ve been reading my patriarchal blessing a lot lately, and it says I will be blessed to have a love of learning and a gift for it. Also my blessing says that all of my spiritual gifts will amplify through my faith. Pretty sure I’ve never had so much faith, so I guess I hope to see more blessings come.

This week i have already destroyed a pair of shoes from walking so much. Were just now starting to enter the heat of summer, and it gets the worst where we are here in Hermosillo. Up to 122 F someone told me. Really excited for that!  Well at least the weight will really just start to fall off of me!  That will be good. The food is still great here and I love the people.  Anyways, still doing good here in Mexico and miss you all lots!

I love hearing from you guys and hope that all is well.

Love, Elder Flora

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