Week 14 3 Month Mark – WOW!

Hi Everyone

Three months of the mission down. Wow. In one way it feels like it has gone so fast, but then again some days feels like a lifetime. My companion completes his one year mark this week and he tells me how fast the time goes. Anyways this week was really cool because we had the opportunity to have a Family Home Evening with the Bustamante family. They’re awesome. They’ve been inactive for a little while but they’re starting to reactivate. We decided to teach about families and how they can be eternal.  We shared a video with them that was a million years old and then we each went around and bore testimony of families. This was really hard for me because, truthfully, i’m still a little homesick and my family always tears me up.  Anyways my turn came around and i had an amazing experience. I bore powerful testimony of how much I love my family and how much the mission has made me realize how much they love me and how much I need them. As the tears came, more divine light entered into my soul and I received a powerful witness that the Plan that God has for us is Families. Before the Earth was created, before the Grand Plan was set forth, before Christ volunteered to suffer for us all, we were all part of an Eternal Family. Its no wonder that our loving Heavenly FATHER would only entrust us in the loving arms of our families here on this earth. I received powerful witness and bore testimony of the power of celestial covenants that we make here on earth to be bound in Heaven for time and all eternity. I have seen the pain, agony, grief, and distress that parents have for their children. All of these things are a direct result of a parents love for their children. This let me see a little bit of the behind the scenes action of when a child strays wayward and the distress of the parents. I testify to you all that I have taken my steps over the boundaries a time or two, and if I had known how much grief and pain i was causing my parents, things would have been different. I testify to you all of you who may have a wayward child, that they will always be in the watchful care of the Savior. You and they will struggle, hurt, weep, grieve. All these things shall come to pass but if they one day make there way back into the loving arms of their Heavenly Father, it will have all been worth it. 

Funny story… Uncle Rey emailed me and I liked it a lot.  My Comp saw a picture I have with Rey in it and he said WHOS THAT? HES MEXICAN!!  hahaha it was hilarious.  I told him not tell anyone because he’s supposed to be Hawaiian…lol

I love hearing from everybody. Best part of my week. Your’e card made me tear up Mom, thanks a lot!  In front of my Companion too! Hahah don’t worry. Still pretty homesick but thats ok.  I love where I am and what I am doing!


Elder Flora

PS  I will send pics next week…sorry no time

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