Week 15 Exchanges

Hey everybody!

We had exchanges this past week.  I went with one of the zone leaders to his area and the other zone leader came to our area and worked with my companion.  It was a really fun experience. Me and Elder Noorda were able to teach 7 lessons and contact a ton of people in his area!  He’s an amazing missionary and he taught me a lot. We have a lot in common and I think we’ll be good friends when we get back from the mission.   He only has about 6 months left in the mission.  My companion and Elder Larsen set a baptismal date with an investigator we’ve been working with for awhile. She has already attended church a decent amount of times,  so if she attends the following two sundays,  she’ll be able to be baptized by her son on the 27th of this month!  We pray a lot for her. We also have a family that have been working with missionaries for 6 months and have had plenty of baptismal dates, all of which have fallen through, but they still look like a good possibility. Thats kind of how a lot of people are here.  We are told to stress retention and attending sacrament  every week, and so a lot of people think that they’ll miss a sunday or mess up in some way, so they don’t think that they are ready to get baptized. Were going to try our best anyways.  We have a ward activity with the missionaries today where were going to teach the ward members how they can start to teach lesson 1 to friends or family that are interested in the gospel. That should be pretty fun.

Anyways things have been really great here minus that i’ve been a little sick.  I have no idea why but i’ve been constantly sick here. Not just like diarrhea but i’ve had a bad cold, the worst migraine ever and a through the roof fever. I’m pretty sure i have an ear infection and my my health insurance card was in my wallet (that got stolen) so I’m just going to pray that it all goes away,   I’m pretty sure i’ve lost some weight due to the lack of food and my debit card being stolen.  Anyways, now the good.  My companions foot is fine i guess or he just doesn’t say anything. I told you how i’ve gotten used to eating whatever is put in front of me, well today I had my first COMPLETE hamburger! Lettuce, tomato, onions, mustard, ketchup, everything! And it was delicious! Tell Sadie that I miss her like crazy too!  Love you so much mom. 

Elder Flora

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