Week 16 Im Finally Feeling Better!

Hi Everyone!

Things are still good here in Mexico but the last couple weeks have been a little rough.  So we haven’t had money for like 2 weeks because I lost my wallet and my companion didn’t have much money.  Idk if its good but I’m losing weight. Its really starting to get hot here and its pretty early in the season so I’m sure thats why.  I’ve also already walked through a pair of shoes I bought when I got here.  And my pants are so big on me now which is a good sign.


I’m finally feeling better Mom!  Not a 100% yet but so much better. The mission doctor lives in our area and we are going to stop by and have him check my ear out and recommend a medication. Yesterday we had interviews with President Robinson which was really cool.  He told me he was very happy with my progress and that my companion speaks very highly of me.  In my interview he asked me if i was missing my family too much?  I told him, President I will ALWAYS miss my family too much but I know that they’ll be there for eternity.   My mission is only 2 years, so I’m cherishing every second of it.  He liked that response. Its just like there will always be toys to play with when I get back, more friends to make,  more to study in school,  more money to make,  more girls to date…but the mission is a one time deal. I will stay in Hermosillo one more transfer but my companion is going somewhere else.  We have transfers next week so thats when I’ll get my new companion.  Hopefully I wont have a slacker. 

I learned something about challenges this week that I wanted to share with you.  Someone in the ward shared an awesome analogy in priesthood as we talked about faith and challenges. He shared a story about when he was living in the United States for a time and one day he received a call that some of his relatives had been in a bad car accident and that his 8 year old nephew was killed in the accident. At first many of the family members including himself began to question why would such a young and precious life would be taken?  After much grief and sorrow, the Brother found his answer one day in a talk given by a general authority.  In the talk he spoke about what a Shepard does with a newborn sheep.  The Shepard strains or breaks a leg of the sheep so that it cannot walk, eat or do anything.  Then he puts the sheep in a satchel and carries him around all the day, feeds him and takes care of all the necessities of the sheep. In this manner the Shepard is able to teach the sheep who is in charge and who will always be the one to take care of us.  This could not be a more perfect example of our relationship with the Heavenly Father.  He breaks or strains us and then waits… He gives us the option to bring ourselves nearer to him, or die( spiritually).  When we make the choice to follow him, he will always nurture us and never lead us astray.

I hope everyone is doing great.  I love the picture of Sadie and the pictures she makes me.  Tell the family that I love them. 

Love Elder Flora


This picture looks a little scary! I will have to ask Max what is going on. He told us he keeps getting blisters from walking & popping them. Boys!!??

This picture looks a little scary! I will have to ask Max what is going on. He told us he keeps getting blisters from walking & popping them. Boys!!??

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