Week 17 | Maturing

Hey everyone!  I am doing good. Went to the doctor finally and I have antibiotics so Im good. Starting to get sick in the stomach again though which is great!  My companion leaves this next monday  I’ll stay here for 6 weeks with the new guy and they I’ll get moved somewhere else…still inside of Hermosillo but a different part. I got the package and I gave some of the candy (for Valentines Day) out a little late but whatever. Loved the tshirt and card. Tell the Gubernicks “thank you” for me.  OH and why is everyone in our family so beautiful and I look so terrible in our Christmas card?!

Thanks Dad, for thinking I have matured!  I hope I am maturing, but I wont be boastful in saying that I have.  The story of Grandpa Don is an amazing one. He wasnt perfect but I will forever be indebted to him and My Heavenly Father for giving me the father I have. Everyday here I am reassured that Gods hand is in everything. I cant wait to get back and get counsel from you regarding my life.  One thing Im starting to realize here is that I really have not a clue about what I want to do in my life, in regards to a career. Ive also been reading my Patriarchal Blessing a lot and I realized that it says, “All you have to do Max, is obey the Commandments of God¨, and he will seal you his.”  Seems easy enough. so for now, thats the plan. It amazes me sometimes that other people don’t get that, but thats the way life goes. We are to walk by Faith, and in that regard a lot of people are lacking.

Love and miss you all!

Elder Flora

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