Week 18 | We had a Baptism!

Wow this week has been crazy. Crazy awesomeI  We had a baptism fall out of the sky with an investigator thats been with missionaries for two years!  Her son baptized her, who is also a recent convert, which was really awesome and was a great way to send off Elder Velazquez.  I’ll make sure to send pictures. Today we had transfers and everyone more or less goes to the bus station to receive or send off their companions. Today we went at 8 in the morning to send off Velazquez.  Everyone told me I’ve lost weight and I had no clue. I must have lost like 15 or 20 for them to notice that much?  I hope so!  Pretty sure the sister missionaries have been noticing a little too much(;   Haha!  Anyways not sick anymore and yes I had an ear infection but good now.  I have used all the food that you sent me but would be amazing if you could send more.  I bought a weight set for like 40 bucks and have been working out a ton.   My new companion is American, so Im sure you’ll be happy mom.  His name is Elder Hunter from Utah.  He has18 months in the mission and seems to be a good missionary.  We should get along fine and if not, its only for one transfer. We have plenty of people to teach and I’m hopeful to baptize this transfer. Belize sounds awesome and Im sure i would love it too.  Haha I’ll make sure to try not to poop my pants again mom thanks!  Dad said that the surgery went well for Stephanie which is awesome!  Still doing great here and on cloud 9 to have baptized.

Love you

Elder Flora


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