Week 2 | I’m Kind of a Big Deal Here

This week has gone pretty well, but it still felt like a roller coaster. I’ve been pretty exhausted and fall asleep in class fairly frequently. I forgot to mention in my first update that we have “mock” investigators that we teach the lessons to in Spanish, and it’s been rather frustrating. We have such a great message and its just difficult because we are speaking pretty well but they still just don’t have the faith to commit themselves. Sometimes you don”t understand why they don’t get it, but I guess everybody has their agency.  I usually sleep like a baby but I’m still exhausted throughout the day. Some mornings I wake up so grumpy and my roommates are way too energetic at six thirty in the morning.  But, that’s ok I’ll probably see worse in the field.

I love getting all your guys’ letters and packages! I look forward to reading emails everyday. I mean the MTC isn’t too bad, but your emails are what get me through!  We’ve had to get creative to improve our workouts because the weight room is quite lacking. They don’t even have a bench press! And this leads me to my favorite experience in the MTC so far! One day I was complaining about how there are no benches presses and then I had an ingenious idea. I convinced my companion to be my weight set. Thanks to the main homie Doug Davisson, and lifting partner(at home),  I have benched enough before I left that I can bench all of my roommates(individually of course). I believe it was an inspired idea straight from the heavens. I’ll attach a picture for evidence, but you can trust me on this one.  Needless to say we’ve been making it a fun experience here, and I’m kind of a big deal here.

I believe tomorrow will be my two and a half week mark, and its hard to believe. The days are starting to blend together. I keep seeing so many friends from home or BYU, so that’s pretty awesome. My companions give me a hard time every time I see someone I know. We tried to keep count but after awhile we gave up. Anyways good to hear from you. Hasta luego!


Elder Flora


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