Week 20| Its HOT

Hello Everyone,

Its good to hear that things are going good at home.   This week has been really difficult but went by really fast.  We’ve basically started from scratch in regards to investigators and everything. Its just really hard because we literally have some days where we just walk around and everyone rejects us.  Its hot out and theres just so many things that you could complain about.  Also my Companion is a little “difficult” sometimes because he is VERY obedient, to a fault.  Anyways,  were working like crazy and keeping animated and all is good.

OHHHH and I met a guy here, trust me it was destiny!  He has a giant ranch and has a deer hunting business here.  The season starts here in November when I get back!  He said  EVERYTHING is provided for. You have a guide that speaks your native language, that meets you at the border to help get guns and you through safely.  You have an assigned cook for the whole week, theres hot water and everything, which yes is a extra for mexicans.   Im starting to like cold showers though because we haven’t had hot water for like 3 weeks.  Anyways its literally like Alaska fishing but we could road trip down here and maybe visit some families too here from my mission.  They say theres some of the best white tail and mule deer here in Hermosillo.   Anyways… just a thought for after my mission.

Can you send me my grey suit with the package? i really need it!  My blue one is huge on me along wall my mr mac stuff.  What should i do with all those pants and stuff?  Im sure i wont fit in them ever again in my life.  I have some wood carvings that Im going to buy that Sonora is known for and they’re really cool and really cheap.   Ill try and find a way to send them.  OHHH and i would love my electric razor because believe it or not i can actually grow a legit stache now and i have to shave everyday so that would make it easier.   Thanks a lot.  Anyways doing great and I love you all so much.

Love Elder Flora

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