Week 21| Exact Obedience

Hello! Thanks a lot for sending all the stuff, I really appreciate it. This week has been really crazy and really awesome. We have found a ton of people to teach, including a sister named Guadalupe who is 85 years old.  We also had some random catholic guy buy us burgers right when we were about to pay. I asked from what ward was he from and he told me was catholic but he just knows theres a need in every church. This was a great testament to me that there are tons of great people out in the world.

This week i have really gained a strong testimony of EXACT obedience, and yes there is a difference. For those of you who don’t know,  I have a new companion named Elder Hunter and while he is a great Elder, he has some downfalls as we all do, Anyways he is VERY obedient almost to a fault.  At first I saw this as an annoyance especially when the president started to crack down on the rule about missionaries entering at sisters homes alone when they give us food for lunch.  Normally its just a sister from the church but shes like 50 years or more and usually theres no problem but my companion has said that we will be “perfectly” obedient to this rule.  This means we’ll lose a lot of the meals with the members. All the sisters that feed us in the ward are kind of mad at us which sucks.  Anyways the point is that I really was going by the “spirit of the law” on this situation and my comp was more ‘letter of the law”.  At the end of it all, we told the hermanas that we wont be able to eat with them unless there is another man in the house. I was a little bit bitter at first but then this week we literally saw the heavens open up for us. We have found a family that is really cool and lots of other investigators. The work is still hard and we still have a lot to do, but i now i have a very strong testimony of the blessings of exact obedience. I also have a testimony that working hard helps the time go faster because this week i will already complete 5 months in the mission. Some days seem to never end, but the weeks are flying by.  Love and miss you all.

Elder Flora

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