Week 22| Happy Easter

Hi Everyone…


This week has been really difficult but really awesome as well. This week is whats known as Semana Santa or Spring Break. Soooo there hasn’t been a single person here for about three days!  And the people that haven’t left for vacations are just out in the street drinking beer all day. Thankfully we were able to find a couple investigators and set appointments before they left. 

This week I have really learned a lot about how even though at times we think that God is not with us, that could never be further from the truth. Even the Prophet Joseph Smith, during his time of tribulation in Liberty Jail asked God, “Where is thy hiding place and where is the pavilion that covereth thee?”   It is certain that in life that we will all reach this point of disparity or grief, where we think that God is far from us. I had reached that point earlier this week when my companion and I had been walking in circles for literally three days in a row, in the heat. I would later realize that I had furthered myself from God. 

After we had no success working I began to pout and moan in my head and became untrusting in the Lords work.  As i trudged along the street I was kicking a piece of metal and I finally reached my breaking point. I said,  “ Im done. I cant do this anymore. I don’t want to do this anymore. Please guide me” and as these last words of prayer exited my mouth, the piece of metal took a sharp turn left and I decided to follow it.  We kept walking down this street until we saw a man outside in his garage and the Spirit of the Lord whispered to me, “Him”.  We contacted him and used a video that the church has made for us a an initiative to jumpstart the work, and many missionaries don’t believe in them.  So we showed him the video and as he began to watch, you could see a tear roll down his face. I looked at my companion and smiled. This man is named Javier and he is currently a strong progressing investigator, reading the Book of Mormon. 

One relation that I would like to make is this experience to the choice we have every day to get up and do something more. I heard an old tale that goes something like this:  

There was a man and a Master. One day the Master comes to the man and says I have a calling for you. They walk to an open field and find a large boulder, a huge boulder. The Master tells the man,  “I want you to push this rock with all the strength you have until I return”.  The Man replies and says that he will.  Many days, weeks, and even months pass by and this man has continually pushed this rock, with all the strength he has. Many onlookers had passed by saying “What are you doing? Your’e wasting your effort,  you’ve been pushing that rock forever and it hasn’t moved at all.  Not one foot, not one inch, not even one centimeter!  The Man just kept pushing on, but eventually began to question what he was doing, doubting his Master.  More time passes and the Master returns and finds the Man pushing the rock. The Man then asks the Master and says,  “Master, why have you asked me to push this rock with all my strength when it has never moved, not even a centimeter”?   And the Master replies,  “When did I ask you to move the rock”?  I asked you to push against the rock with all the strength that you have, which you have done.  And now look, the muscles on your back, the strength of your arms, and legs.  Now you are ready for the work I have prepared for you”.

Ill let you all decide how you want to interpret that one.


Elder Flora


Not sure what this picture from Max is… but I’m assuming he has worn through his first pair of shoes.  What is it with boys & fire??

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