Week 23| General Conference

Hey Everyone,  

So this week has been awesome but also a little disappointing.  Im sure that every other missionary in the world would testify of this, but its kind of a fact that the last week of transfers you always find awesome people to teach and then end up leaving. This next coming week is transfers (where we switch companions and areas) and so we of course have begun to find really awesome people to teach. This weekend was General Conference and we received a message from a number that we didn’t recognize on our phone saying that she was a past investigator over a year ago but was ready and wanted to restart the lessons with us. We were a little bit taken back at first but decided that it would be alright to go see her. We went to teach her and we started with a prayer and a hymn and the spirit was there from the get-go.   We started to ask her about her experience with the previous missionaries and she told us that she liked what they taught, but that one of the missionaries was a little too rough with her.  We then asked her what had impressed her about the lessons and what she remembered, and this is where the magic begins. What she would say next will shock me for the rest of my life. She explained to us about how she began to start reading the Book of Mormon again, and then we looked where her page marker was and Im pretty she she had gotten to the book of Alma already. Then she tells us,  “Well I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and the he translated the book of Mormon and the other day I went to the temple and felt the Spirit really strong”.   Haha and I thought…Oh is that all? She has been prepared by the Lord for his wonderful message. We retaught her lesson one, The Restoration, and the spirit was undoubtedly there as we testified of simple doctrinal truths. We took a leap of faith and asked her if she would be willing to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized in his name, and she assured us that she would. 

WOW!   Someone that had turned the missionaries away on another occasion had the faith to start to read the book of Mormon and develop her own testimony and feelings of this Gospel. How often, or how willing are we to do the same?  How often do we cherish, read, and indulge in the amazing gift we have been given, even the Book of Mormon? How often do we take the time to develop spiritual strength for the times of storm that will always come? Its no wonder we are so weak in times of trial and strife! We would sooner cry out to the God we know, rather than study his teachings and words of the modern day prophets! We have had such a great opportunity this past weekend to hear God speak to us, otherwise known as General Conference. We sometimes get that part confused. Nephi couldn’t have said it better when he addressed Laman and Lemuel and tells them that the truth cuts deep to those of iniquity. We are a people of iniquity, the idea is that we strive to overcome this natural man within us.  Never stop striving!

This week was probably the best week of the mission for me because of General Conference, and other things. The mission has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in this life. I have come to the eternal truth that this life is fundamentally so simple. Having the Spirit as your constant companion is and will forever be the key to this life. The trick is that we do the things that permit him to be with us always.

Love and miss you all,

Elder Flora

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