Week 26 & 27| Short & Sweet

Max & I (Robyn) have gotten into a bad habit of instant messaging back & forth each Monday…so he hasn’t been sending his regular emails.  Sorry there isn’t much to post!

Hey Everyone,

I’m doing great here and loving it.  Things are going well with my new companion, but not perfect. But I don’t want to get into that.  Thats hilarious about jake!  Little punk… tell him to write me more!  Thanks for sending me all the stuff and I eat the protein shakes just about every day. I feel good here but apparently my companion says that I go crazy in the night while sleeping.  I think you knew that I talked in my sleep but now Im supposedly crying in my sleep and running around. I guess yesterday i jumped up from my bed onto the table and then ran into the wall. Tonight we’re going to take a video to see.  Anyways, sorry so short … no more time today,  I love you and I’m excited to skype on Mothers Day. Please send me the account info of your Skype profile so I have it. 

We have an investigator getting baptized the 15th of this month so were excited. We have found a ton of people here this week to teach which is great…everything is good.

Thanks love you!  Elder Flora

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