Week 25| The Priesthood

Hey Everybody!

This week has been a fantastic and hectic week all at the same time. I had a blast listening to the General Conference Talks in English which was fantastic. Oddly enough something that I had been thinking about a lot was the Priesthood Power and the privilege it is to hold. I had been thinking a lot about this when a story came into my head that I had heard about at EFY one year. It went something like this….a man on the freeway had been in an accident on his motorcycle.  An active member with the Melchizedek Priesthood went to help the man. Many people gathered around to help the man. He was in bad shape and it didn’t look like he was going to make it out alive. The member then asked the group of people if there were any priesthood holders and a young man replied that he was. The member then asked the young man if he would help him administer a Priesthood blessing to the man in need. His response would have an immense affect on me in later years even though I might not have known it while hearing this story at EFY.  He told the man that he was not worthy to help in the blessing, and walked away in shame. 

Now onto a happier story. This week we had our Zone meeting with all of the Missionaries in our Zone. We had talked about some things and been taught by the zone leaders, and then it came time for the Sister Training Leaders, I believe they’re called in English, to give their topics. A sister named Hermana Garcia was instructing us on a certain part of the missionary work and began to bear her testimony. She began to cry and then took a couple short breaths and then fainted. Yes, she fainted. We cleared everyone out of the room and some of the sister missionaries attended to her as we waited outside. A few minutes later one of the sisters came out and told me I was needed. I entered into the room where the sister missionary lay still unconscious and having small seizures. Me and one of the Zone leaders were informed that this sister had managed to ask for a priesthood blessing and asked that me and the other elder specifically do it. Although somewhat surprised, I prepared myself mentally and anointed the Sisters head with consecrated oil and said the words to the anointment. My friend who was the Zone Leader at the time then sealed the anointment and gave her the blessing. As we administered to her she was able to calm her body and get control of herself, but she was hurt from when she hit the floor. To make a long story short, me and another elder carried her on a chair to the car of an sister in the ward. The sisters asked the other Elder if he would be able to lift her into the car, he was a little worried and asked me if i could do it. I chuckled a little bit and then said a little prayer for some divine help. I took the sister into my arms, and i testify to this day that angels do minister unto men, and that God lives. As I lifted her, it was as if she weighed nothing and I was able to successfully put her into the front seat of the car safe and secure. The sister from the ward then took her the hospital and now she is just fine and dandy. 

Moral of the story is that I had no idea that I would be called on to administer and use my Priesthood. What a blessing in my life that I was able and worthy to use my Priesthood Authority.   If you honor and exercise the Priesthood which you hold, the heavens will open unto you and those that are administered to on your part will call your name blessed forever.


Elder Flora

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