Week 4 Let Us All Be Grateful

Hey everybody! Finishing up week four here at the MTC! I leave for Mexico not this monday but next, December 7th! So stoked! Im doing good here but im raring to get out into the field! Times been flying by quickly. Ive been getting closer and closer to the the Spirit and my companions everyday. Sometimes its almost hard for me to really recognize the spirit because as missionaries we almost always have it with us! 

This week our teacher gave us the challenge in class to write down a very personal question regarding the savior and then gave us a list of chapters that we could study. My question was, “How does the Savior view me and my efforts as a representative of him?” I started the search and found my answer quickly in Mosiah 14 which talks about the Savior and His sacrifice. Verse 3 reads, “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows,and acquainted with grief; and we hid as it were your faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not.” The savior went through more than we could ever imagine. He made the infinite Sacrifice that no mortal man could make for us. All things we have we owe to him and all things we do should be in remembrance of him, and never ONCE did he COMPLAIN. The chapter later goes on to relate the Savior as a Lamb. It then goes on to describe that through all of the savior trials and afflictions NEVER ONCE did he beg for mercy or wimper in the slightest manner. We all know the story of when Christ had fasted for forty days and John was in jail about to be executed. The scriptures tell us that, ” an angel ministered unto him”. If we read the JST for this verse we intitially think that an angel was sent unto Christ to minister unto him. BUT what really happens is that Christ sends an angel to minister unto John. Even when the savior has suffered for forty days and then is tempted by the Satan, he still reaches out and serves others. How does this apply to me/us?  When we are faced with trials in our lives we must look outward and serve others. I have had really hard days here where ive moaned and complained and then i think of the Savior and all that he went through, never once did he murmur. As this season of thanks ends and the season of the Savior comes, let us all be grateful for all that he has given us and let us honor His sacrifice.


Elder Flora

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