Week 6 – WOW!

Hi Everyone,

 What a shell shock. Everything is new and very unfamiliar. I have been assigned to a companion with ten months in the field and hes from Guadelajara and he doesnt speak English. So thats fun. Hes a really nice guy though and thankfully i can understand him pretty well because he doesnt talk a million miles an hour like everybody else here. Today was my first day in Mexico and Im exhausted. We start at 630 and then dont eat lunch until 2!  Mom you would die if you saw the bed that I sleep on. Its been eaten away by some kind of bug. Thankfully we have a fridge, shower and a toilet! Learning how to appreciate the simple things here already. theres not much else to appreciate here in Hermsosillo. Also Hermosillo is probably the nicest area in my mission. We have some stores, some fast food and other stuff. The drivers here are crazy. I would be considered an angel compared to them. I think i have already walked 6 to 7 miles today.  Some of the other Elders that have been here for awhile shoes are shredded. Im sure mine will be soon enough. We had lunch at a members and i think that i scared the sister with how much food that i ate. Im sure she’ll recover though. Anyways, sorry so short.  Will write more next week. 


Elder Flora

A couple of short videos of Max. Cecily just happened to run into him at the temple just before he left for Mexico.

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