Week 7 Im having a BLAST


Wow. what a week. Mexcio is crazy and awesome. The food here is insanely good and if you havent had Mexican Coke, you need too because the stuff we have in the US is junk in comparison. The members feed us usually everyday at lunch because they dont really eat dinner here.  I still do. So ya the foods great. Heres a summary of the first week- We show up and we get through immigration fine and then we are greeted by the Mission President, the APs and two trainers. We end up back at our house, set our things down and we are off! No time to waste! We walk around and contact forever and meet a few people. The next day I was able to get a better view of the city in the daylight, and its definitely a desert and its definitely Mexico. 


For those of you who dont know missions are really hard. Im in a pretty affluent city (for Mexico) and I was still shocked when I arrived. My companion doesnt speak a lick of English and in my first week ive been chased by dogs, sick to my stomach, slept on a rotten mattress (yes mom I used the mattress cover you sent), probably walked a total of 50 miles, my feet hurt and its 90 degrees.  My mission president has also told me that he thinks our mission is like the saviors earthly ministry- we’re in a hot dessert, we walk everywhere, and we get rejected a lot. I believe the mission averages 80 baptisms a month.  That might sound like a lot but we have 180 missionaries here and ive already noticed that we get rejected a lot. The influence of Catholisism here is through the roof and people here think they already have Chrsit in their lives.  A decent amount of people will make appointments with us but then wont be there for the appointment. Ah anyways Im doing great, I love it here, and the Church is true!

Elder Flora

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One thought on “Week 7 Im having a BLAST

  1. Elder Flora
    Great Attitude
    Great Spirit
    Great Energy
    Keep going. Everything is very typical for missions. The heat, the apartment, the local people, the work load.

    Yore doing great.


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