Week 8 My First Priesthood Blessing


Hey everybody.

I hope that everyone is doing great.  Im still having a blast here in Mexico and am loving every second of it! So this week I would like to share an experience that I had that has truly changed my life. This past Wednesday night me and my companion were taking the bus back to the house and we received a phone call from a sister in our ward that said her daughter needed a priesthood blessing. My comp gets off the phone and tells me this and Im like cool… I’ll get to see how to give a blessing in spanish! Anyways the rest of the bus ride back to the sisters home, i had the clearest mind that I had ever had in my life. I didnt know why then, but i would later realize. We arrive at the sisters house and my comp looks at me and says “are you ready to give your first blessing in Spanish?” My mind just about exploded and the fear came upon me.  With a morbid look on my face we entered the house and the Sister greeted us.  She asked me how much time I had in the mission and i replied, two weeks. Her response was one of precaution and fear. Then i prepared to give the blessing and as soon as i lay my hands on her head a feeling of peace flooded over me like a river. I simply said in the blessing, ¨¨I bless you to have faith in the Priesthood and I bless you to be healed from this sickness¨¨  We said our goodbyes and headed back to our house and my heart was full. When we return to the house I immediately offer a prayer of gratitude to our father in heaven and ask if there is anything else that i can be taught from this experience.  Immediately the prompting comes to me that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and the Priesthood was restored through him. Brothers and sisters I know that i was meant to have this experience and I know that I have recieved a divine witness that Jesus is the Christ, that Joseph Smith was called of God and that the Priesthood has been restored. When we have a spiritual experience we should always give a prayer of thanks and then follow with the question, IS THERE MORE? Take advantage of the celestial moments that we are given in this life.

I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Elder Flora

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